"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi

Therapeutic Approach

Chris’ therapeutic approach is strength based, and mindfulness centered, with a specific focus on tackling concrete obstacles impeding clients from having the quality of life they desire. Chris draws on his education in contemplative psychology, humanistic psychology, and his education in professional and executive coaching, as well as his diverse professional and life experiences.

His belief is that individuals are not broken and in need of repair, but rather have developed issues throughout their development which impede them from achieving their fullest success. Chris believes his highest professional calling is supporting his clients to identify and remove those obstacles from their life, and by so doing, live their fullest life.

His clients have said that he has a direct but compassionate approach to his work. His ability to unite honesty with compassion and humor, creates an environment where deep therapeutic work can be accomplished, in a supportive and collaborative environment.