"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi

Therapeutic Coaching

For his young adult and adult clients Chris offers Therapeutic coaching services. Therapeutic coaching is a hybrid service that blends Chris’ professional coaching practice and his psychotherapy services.

Who is therapeutic mentoring for?
Chris offers therapeutic coaching for clients age 16 +. These clients and their families are generally interested in tackling concrete life challenges, such as post graduate job procurement, moving out of their parents home, living autonomously and more. These clients challenges are often exacerbated by emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, doubt, ambivalence and more. In this environment Chris and his clients are striving to achieve concrete goals with a keen eye on the emotional issues that act as an impediment to their desired goals.

Issues that therapeutic mentoring candidates often have:

What might my child do in a therapeutic mentoring sessions?
The possibilities are nearly endless. Here is a list of some common therapeutic mentoring activities.

How long will my child be doing therapeutic mentoring?
In short, it depends. Chris generally works with his clients between 1 to 2 hours per week. He works to decrease his footprint in contact hours as his clients achieve their stated goals. All therapeutic mentoring services are catered to the specific needs of the client and the family.